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Scavenger Hunt Reflection 14 February 2011

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I am strong in many areas, such as organization, decision making, and perseverance . All of those components making gathering items easier. When you have perseverance you have the ability to never give up in tough situations. Organization is important because I can find the medicines in an orderly way and keep track of what I’ve accumulated in my bag. Decision making is important because without that I won’t be able to decide where a particular medicine is located. That would make me indecisive and have trouble finding the medicines. I believe that I am a partial person because everyone can use improvement. There is no perfect person. It isn’t possible to become a whole person because that’s the paradox. Everyone wants to be as perfect as they can be, but its an unattainable life long journey toward perfection. I feel that my beginning place belongs in the North. I think that wisdom is important to acquire. If you can find that then you can find anything else you set your mind to discover. Wisdom gives you the key to everything, it gives you ideas and solutions, you never thought were possible. I chose to find the qualities of: compassion, humor, joy, wisdom, and integrity. On my journey I found compassion in Mr. King’s office. The symbol that I received was a tiny yellow hand. The hand is a helping hand that shows compassion by helping others. I found humor in Mrs. Jackman’s office. The symbol that I received was a yellow smiley face. That clearly represents humor because the smiley face is laughter. I found joy in Mr. Klingler’s office. The symbol that I received was a piece of candy. Candy represents joy because it makes everyone happy and no one can deny it. I found wisdom in the library and got it from Mrs. Sharp. The symbol that I got from her was a small necklace with a definition of love on it. The definition of love is an aspect of wisdom because it is information otherwise not found if you don’t go to the library. I found integrity in the principal’s office. The symbol that I received from the office was a Christmas light. The light s a symbol of doing the right thing and being responsible for your actions. ¬†Throughout this experience I went on this journey mostly by myself. There were a few times when I need some assistance¬†from a friend because I truly couldn’t figure out a clue. There were two occasions when I was looking for a medicine (courage, humility) and the Guardians weren’t there. That was a set back but I kept moving on. The clues really forced me to think about what the teacher’s represent. Each quality/medicine corresponded to a characteristic of a teacher or a department in the school. I thought it was a rewarding experience and taught me a lot about myself.



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